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Why Problem Based Learning?

Why Problem Based Learning?
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What is Problem Based Learning (PBL)
First let me ask you a question about how you learn...what sticks out in your mind, do you still remember learning how to ride a bike?  How to drive a car?  I do, and the reason is because both of these experiences were difficult, involved making mistakes, and although I learned with coaching, I was the one doing the learning...I found out what worked and what didn't. 
PBL works in the same way, students are given a topic question and they sit behind the wheel, they are the drivers and we, the teachers, are the coaches.  My Unit plan is a model of PBL...this is an original "Christine" creation based on what I learned in my first class at UTA 5309 Advanced Instructional Strategies.  Please bear with me while I add information and modify existing information.  Please provide feedback if I've neglected to include something you would like to see.

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