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TExES Competency 5

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Competency 010

The teacher monitors student performance and achievement; provides students with timely, high-quality feedback; and responds flexibly to promote learning for all students.

The beginning teacher:

         Demonstrates knowledge of the characteristics, uses, advantages, and limitations of various assessment methods and strategies, including technological methods and methods that reflect real-world applications.

         Creates assessments that are congruent with instructional goals and objectives and communicates assessment criteria and standards to students based on high expectations for learning.

         Uses appropriate language and formats to provide students with timely, effective feedback that is accurate, constructive, substantive, and specific. 

        Knows how to promote students ability to use feedback and self-assessment to guide and enhance their own learning.

         Responds flexibly to various situations (e.g., lack of student engagement in an activity, the occurrence of an unanticipated learning opportunity) and adjusts instructional approaches based on ongoing assessment of student performance.


This competency requires a variety of high quality assessments, the assessment procedure and points distribution is outlined on the first page of the unit plan and each lesson has it’s own assessment rubric, one for the journal activities and one for the group activities.  Since there are no group discussions on the last lesson there is a unit assessment, that way students can evaluate their participation as a whole and feel good about how far they came in the unit.  The questions in the last journal response include questions on how well the students liked this lesson and provide an opportunity for feedback on the unit as a whole.  Because the students will work in groups for the majority of their activities, I will have a lot of time to visit each group individually and make assessments on group participation, during this time I can respond to students who may have a lack of enthusiasm for their current task and try to interest them with another project where they feel like they are really contributing to their group.


There are four different tools use that evidence the assessment required for meeting the criteria of this competency.  Click the links below for evidence of this competency:

Role Self Assessment Chart

Daily Self Assessment Chart

These two tools are used for the final assessment only:

Final Self Assessment Chart

Activity Five Journal Instructions



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