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TExES Competency 3

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Competency 008

The teacher provides appropriate instruction that actively engages students in the learning process.

The beginning teacher:

         Employs various instructional techniques (e.g., discussion, inquiry) and varies teacher and student roles in the instructional process, and provides instruction that promotes intellectual involvement and active student engagement and learning.

         Applies various strategies to promote student engagement and learning (e.g., by structuring lessons effectively, using flexible instructional groupings, pacing lessons flexibly in response to student needs, including wait time).

         Presents content to students in ways that are relevant and meaningful and that link with students prior knowledge and experience.

         Applies criteria for evaluating the appropriateness of instructional activities, materials, resources, and technologies for students with varied characteristics and needs.

         Engages in continuous monitoring of instructional effectiveness.

         Applies knowledge of different types of motivation (i.e., internal, external) and factors affecting student motivation.

         Employs effective motivational strategies and encourages students self- motivation.


The students are in charge of their own learning in this unit, for this reason students work in groups and are assigned specific tasks each day according to their role, not only does this encourage participation and group/class discussion, moreover students are fully engaged in what they’re learning.  This type of learning is particularly effective for ELL (English Language Learners).  Because I am at the very start of this program I’m not 100 percent sure of the certificate program I will include with my EC-4 masters.  When creating this unit plan I kept in mind that I may want to use this activity for ELL students someday, with the amount of discussion required for this unit, there would be a lot of time to practice oral language skills.  Students assess their own learning in their role activities with a rubric, they complete the activities for their assigned role in their response journal, where they will also answer guided questions to continually evaluate what students are thinking and learning.  From all of the websites we visited throughout this class and all of the readings I found that journaling and self-evaluation are critical to monitor what students are learning and evaluate either the methods used to present the material or the content itself.  For that reason each lesson has a journal activity and self evaluation tool.  You can find evidence to support this competency in the link below:


Click the link below for evidence of this competency, this will take you to Lesson 2 activities.  You will find the supporting evidence for this competency in Activities 3 and 4:

Lesson Three Activities



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