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TExES Competency 1

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Competency 003

The teacher understands procedures for designing effective and coherent instruction and assessment based on appropriate learning goals and objectives.

The beginning teacher:

         Understands the significance of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and of prerequisite knowledge and skills in determining instructional goals and objectives.

         Uses appropriate criteria to evaluate the appropriateness of learning goals and objectives (e.g., clarity; relevance; significance; age-appropriateness; ability to be assessed; responsiveness to students current skills and knowledge, background, needs, and interests; alignment with campus and district goals).

         Uses assessment to analyze students strengths and needs, evaluate teacher effectiveness, and guide instructional planning for individuals and groups.

         Understands the connection between various components of the Texas statewide assessment program, the TEKS, and instruction, and analyzes data from state and other assessments using common statistical measures to help identify students strengths and needs.

         Demonstrates knowledge of various types of materials and resources (including technological resources and resources outside the school) that may be used to enhance student learning and engagement, and evaluates the appropriateness of specific materials and resources for use in particular situations, to address specific purposes, and to meet varied student needs.

         Plans lessons and structures units so that activities progress in a logical sequence and support stated instructional goals.

         Plans learning experiences that provide students with opportunities to explore content from integrated and varied perspectives (e.g., by providing an integrated curriculum, employing play as one learning mode, permitting student choice of activities, involving students in working on projects, designing instruction that supports students growing ability to work cooperatively and to reflect upon other points of view when appropriate).

         Allocates time appropriately within lessons and units, including providing adequate opportunities for students to engage in reflection, self-assessment, and closure.


When creating the instructional goals and objectives for this PBL unit I included TEKS using elements from 4th grade standards and requirements for English Language Arts and Reading and Technology.  The activities were designed for fourth grade students keeping in mind the age appropriate goals for research and oral presentation of materials.  Assessment for the criteria is clearly outlined on the first page of the unit plan, it is further broken down in each lesson, I wanted to provide lots of opportunity for assessment so that students will be able to evaluate the effectiveness of their research and the teacher can self evaluate the effectiveness of the lesson and activities.  The technology elements are included in this unit and the expectations and resource requirements are also listed clearly on the unit plan outline, technology can not be emphasized enough, it is imperative that technology play a large part of the PBL so that students can conduct their own research and solve their own problem, taking an active stance in their learning.  The lessons are in a progressive sequence building on knowledge from prior lessons building up to the final presentation where the effectiveness of the lessons will be tested.  The various activities provide an integrated curriculum; students will role play, research, participate in discussions, self assess, opportunities for journal reflection, and the opportunity to conclude their research in an organized manner via a powerpoint presentation.  At the end of the unit students will have the opportunity for closure by reflecting on their participation in the unit, comparing starting knowledge with what they know at the end of the unit, as well as determine their answer to the question presented.


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