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Lesson Five Activities

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Activity One:
Participate in Orca debate with your group, relax, have fun and get excited sharing what you've learned remember the Killer Whales need your voice!!!

Activity Two: 
Vote on whether or not we should adopt an Orca, compare the answer you gave in Part one, Activity one Reflection Journal.  Click on link to see original assignment:  Activity One Journal Instructions
Activity Three:
Complete the Orca Survey and compare your results with the first survey.  Write in your journal your results at the beginning of the unit and your results now.
Activity Four:  Complete the questions in your last Journal Activity. 
Click for Lesson Five Reflection Journal Guide:  Activity Five Journal Instructions
(Note there are no Role assignments for Lesson Five) 

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Thank you for participating in the Orca debates!!!
You've done a great job getting involved in your community and having a voice for the Killer Whales in your area.
It has been my pleasure to construct this Unit, please contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this Unit Plan.
-Christine Marchi

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