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Activity Three Journal Instructions

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Reflective Journal Response:


You will have the responsibility of completing a daily journal entry and reflective log.  You may be assigned one or more tasks to add to your journal for homework each day.


Along with each answer below, give an explanation as to why you chose the answer you did for each question.


Answer these questions after you read the Whale Museum article about Luna the Orphan.


1.  What dangers does Luna face without the extra protection of his pod?





2.  Do you think it’s safe for killer whales to interact with humans?





3.  If you could, would you re-unite Luna with his pod?





Answer these Questions after you read about Luna’s tragic accident:


4.  How did reading the article about Luna’s accident make you feel?





5.  Did reading this article about Luna make you want to get involved in helping other Killer Whales? 





Questions to prepare for Lesson Four and Final presentation:


6.  What topic was your group assigned to present.





7.  Name 5 points you would like to include on your slide.





8.  Write down the link to the website you will include for your presentation.





9.  Do you have any questions or concerns regarding your presentation?




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