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Group Activity and Role Assignments

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Group Roles:


Each day you will be assigned something to work on as a group.  Each person will have a role for the day.  You need to write in your journal what role you are assigned and what day it is and do the activity for your role.  You will self-evaluate your participation in your group activity and you will be graded on your performance each day.


Your group will be divided into the following roles. 



Group Leader:  Your job is to keep the group members on task.  You will assign roles to the group members and you will share the information gathered in the class discussion.  (Each person has to have a new role each day).   Write down three ideas you learned from the group in your journal, share these ideas in the class discussion.


Artist:  In your journal draw a picture about what you learned today, get input from your group members on what your drawing should include.  (Hint:  For day one you should draw a picture of an Orca including three things you learned about them.)


Webster:  Your job is to help find and define words necessary for this project.  You will define three of the vocabulary words on the list and think of two more words you think are important to learn.  Share your definitions with your group members so they can record their meanings in their journal.


Detective:  Your job is to think about the questions you need to ask to solve the problem.  Your questions will be helpful in the What we know/Need to know/Ideas chart.  Write down in your journal at least 3 questions to add to the list.

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