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Lesson Five Outline- Orca Debates

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Day Five Lesson Plan Outline:  Orca Debates and Final Answer



To guide student through their Orca presentation and topic debate.  The goal throughout the student  presentations is to interject with questions that get students to delve even deeper into their knowledge and feelings on their subject matter. 


Teacher Strategy:

  • Guide students through their debate.
  • Ask Questions that delve into the students thinking, by now it should be clear that the students are more than just novice thinkers regarding Orcas.
  • Reflect on the What we know column-did the students answer all of the questions in their presentations?
  • Did the students master the problem?
  • Guide students through the conclusion activities, including reflecting on the presentations, the class decision, and theire thoughts on the lesson.

Student Activity:

  • Participate in the Orca Debates
  • Ask any questions on the material presented in the slides.
  • Actively listen to the Power Point presentation, take notes on the presentations in the reflection journal.
  • Students participate in brief class discussion and conclusion.
  • Students reflect in their reflection journal, their ideas on the presentations and on the unit.
  • Students will take the Orca survey again and compare their results.
  • Students will vote to make a decision whether or not the class should adopt an Orca and will compare their answers from Day one of this Unit.


  • Students will be graded on their participation
  • Students will be given the opportunity to self assess their participation
  • Students will be graded on the completion of their reflection journal activities
  • Students will be graded on the completion of their daily Role activity
  • Students will be given the opportunity to self assess their journal entries, including Role specific activities.

You will assess students on the criteria outlined in the Unit plan introduction.  You will consider the self-assessments completed by the students each day.


Click below to follow link to Self Assessment Charts:


Daily Self Assessment Chart


Final Self Assessment Chart




Consider the responses made by the students in their Reflective Journals, ask yourself if the students utilizing the elements of transfer that are outlined in the Goals of the Unit plan introduction.  Encourage the students throughout this lesson, praise them for the unique information they have found and are including in their slide or presentation.  This lesson aims to evaluate what the students have learned from this unit, and how effective the activities have been in helping the students make an informed decision.  You will also want to evaluate whether or not the activities have helped them to see that Orcas are in danger and that we all can do something to help.



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