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Lesson One Part Two

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The BC Wild Killer Whale Adoption Program Needs your help!!!


Activity One: 

Read about the Orca Adoption Program by the Whale Museum:


Activity Two:

Meet the whales: 




Classroom Adoption Package - $60

  • Each student (up to 30 individuals) receives his or her own personalized parchment Adoption Certificate with the classes' choice of one of the whale's names (add $2 for each additional certificate over 30).
  • The whale's personal biography
  • A Matrilineal Genealogy Chart of the Southern Resident Community
  • A subscription to the Museum's award-winning newsletter Cetus
  • An individual Whale Museum membership for the teacher, entitling that individual to a 10% discount on Museum store and catalog purchases and free admission to the Museum.
  • A current annually produced Whale Museum poster.
  • Monthly e-mail updates on the orcas.
  • The Whale Museum Member bumper sticker.
  • A special premium - Field Guide to the Orca, full of fun & interesting facts about killer whales.


Activity Three:
Click Link to go to Role Specific tasks for daily group activity:  Group Activity and Role Assignments
Activity Four:
Click for Lesson One Reflection Journal Guide:  Activity One Journal Instructions
Activity Five:
As a class complete What we Know/Need to Know/Ideas chart, continue to add to this list during class discussion time.  Click for What we Know/Need to Know/Ideas Chart

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