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Lesson Three Outline-Luna the Orphan

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Day Three Lesson Plan Outline:  Luna the Orphaned Orca



To guide student through the activities in this lesson and introduce students to Luna the Orphaned Orca.  Luna was separated from his pod, and was killed in a tugboat accident.  By having the students read about Luna, who became a local celebrity among boaters and fisherman, the goal is for students to feel a more personal connection to this problem.


Teacher Strategy:

  • Introduce Luna the Orphan whale to students.
  • Ask them questions for maximum reflection of the article.
  • Ask them if they can foresee any dangers Luna may face interacting with humans.
  • Share with the students about Luna’s tragic accident.
  • Be prepared to comfort students, prep them for the article beforehand.
  • Explain how the dangers affect every whale and how the dangers are more prevalent when a whale is separated from their pod. 
  • Clarify the specific instructions for today’s activities in their Response Journal.
  • Make sure group has divided the daily tasks by Role.
  • Monitor the groups, coaching them with questions that delve deeper into their thinking.
  • Add to  the What we know/Need to know/Ideas Chart.
  • Encourage all students/Groups participate.
  • Assign each group their controversial topic. 
  • Prepare students for Lesson’s four and five.
  • Have students complete their power point slide ideas as homework, so they will be prepared to make their slide in class and organize their group presentation.  (Click on Link for Slide Outline)


Student Activity:

  • Read Article about Luna the Orphan from the Whale Museum.
  • Predict what dangers Luna faces without the extra protection of the pod.
  • Answer if it’s safe for humans and whales to interact as Luna did in the article.
  • Read about Luna’s tragic accident.
  • Reflect in Response journal how you felt after reading this article.
  • Write down the topic their group has been assigned to present.
  • Ask any questions about the homework assignment, preparation for their slide.
  • Students are divided into groups and a group leader for that day is assigned.  The group leader will assign the role for today’s group discussion.
  • Students investigate What we know/Need to know/Ideas and participate in group discussion according to their role.
  • Students participate in class discussion, suggesting ideas for the What we know/Need to know/Ideas Chart.
  • Students reflect in their reflection journal, any homework or questioned assigned should be given at this time.



  • Students will be graded on their participation
  • Students will be given the opportunity to self assess their participation
  • Students will be graded on the completion of their reflection journal activities
  • Students will be graded on the completion of their daily Role activity
  • Students will be given the opportunity to self assess their journal entries, including Role specific activities.

You will assess students on the criteria outlined in the Unit plan introduction.  You will consider the self-assessments completed by the students each day.


Click below to follow link to Self Assessment Charts:

Daily Self Assessment Chart


Role Self Assessment Chart




Consider the responses made by the students in their Reflective Journals, ask yourself if the students utilizing the elements of transfer that are outlined in the Goals of the Unit plan introduction.  Assess the students reaction to the two articles today, be prepared to answer questions regarding these article.  Be clear in the presentation of the homework assignment, preparation for their slide.  Make sure they understand the tasks that will be expected of them, and the criteria they must meet.  Remember the topics assigned for this section are flexible and should be based on ideas the students generated.



Click on Link to Slide Outline



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