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Lesson Two Outline-Killer Whale Conservation

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Day Two Lesson Plan Outline:  Killer Whale Conservation



To guide student through the activities in this lesson and introduce them Killer Whale Conservation and the threats posing Orcas.


Teacher Strategy:

  • Briefly introduce the threats facing Orcas.
  • Introduce the Whale Conservation Articles (Activity One).
  • Clarify the specific instructions for today’s activities in their Response Journal.
  • Make sure group has divided the daily tasks by Role.
  • Monitor the groups, coaching them with questions that delve deeper into their thinking.
  • Add to  the What we know/Need to know/Ideas Chart.
  • Encourage all students/Groups participate.
  • Initiate Activity Two, more research on whale conservation.
  • Have students conduct web based research.
  • Start to align certain groups with certain catergories.


Student Activity:

  • Read article about Killer Whale Conservation.
  • Add in journal more threats discovered from reading this article
  • Brainstorm as a class specific topics to research. 
  • Write down the topic their group researched in their reflective journal.
  • Add any important vocabulary in response journal.
  • Write whether or not they would adopt an Orca and why.
  • Students are divided into groups and a group leader for that day is assigned.  The group leader will assign the role for today’s group discussion.
  • Students investigate What we know/Need to know/Ideas and participate in group discussion according to their role.
  • Students participate in class discussion, suggesting ideas for the What we know/Need to know/Ideas Chart.
  • Students reflect in their reflection journal, any homework or questioned assigned should be given at this time.



  • Students will be graded on their participation
  • Students will be given the opportunity to self assess their participation
  • Students will be graded on the completion of their reflection journal activities
  • Students will be graded on the completion of their daily Role activity
  • Students will be given the opportunity to self assess their journal entries, including Role specific activities.

You will assess students on the criteria outlined in the Unit plan introduction.  You will consider the self-assessments completed by the students each day.


Click below to follow link to Self Assessment Charts:


Daily Self Assessment Chart


Role Self Assessment Chart




Consider the responses made by the students in their Reflective Journals, ask yourself if the students utilizing the elements of transfer that are outlined in the Goals of the Unit plan introduction.  Evaluate the quality of the research the students are performing, guide them in the right direction and have them note good websites and articles that they may include in their final debate.  Keep in mind that each student is responsible for their own power point slide, make sure all students are actively participating in the research.


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